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Extended Slider Colors (My previous mod) is not incompatible, but it is highly recommended you uninstall it as it is no longer necessary.Body/Hand/Feet paint may appear to be rendered overtop of some effects, this is a known issue.The limitations of the game engine are independent of your PC.If your PC is great save yourself the trouble of typing it out as it's probably irrelevant.Rotating Drag with right mouse click Panning Hold the Secondary button and drag with right mouse click to pan.Inflate/Deflate Moves the hit vertices out/in based on an average of adjacent face normals Smooth Moves the hit vertices to an average position of all adjacent vertices, CAUTION do not use near openings such as the mouth Move Moves vertices in the direction you move the cursor, orthogonal to the view plane Mask Excludes vertices from being altered, including imported geometry, if you are importing a head with a different neck seam you should mask add around the neck area before importing History History will store all previous vertex actions including Clear Sculpt, Import Geometry, and all brush actions Head Parts This is the window for changing the wireframe preview including locking the mesh (so it can't be edited) making the mesh visible, or changing the wireframe color Clear Sculpt This will wipe all sculpting data from all ACTIVE parts (Editable must be checked)File based Presets Presets are now saved to explicit file names and have changed format to json, as such will be saved as .jslot files, if you are replacing an existing slot file, refrain from replacing a file, clicking on a selected file when saving will overwrite the selected file, and the file extension will be for binary but will try to load the json and fail.If so this indicates you don't really have the latest version of SKSE running.

An INI setting has been added to SKSE to allow for higher resolution warpaint to be applied to your character.

To setup an initial Body Gen file you need to create two ini files at:meshes/actors/character/Body Gen Data/%MOD_FILENAME_WITH_EXT%/morphs.The templates file outlines Body Morphs by name Here is a sample: Sevenbase=7B [email protected] | 7B Bombshell [email protected] | 7B Natural [email protected] | 7B Cleavage [email protected] | 7B Bcup [email protected][email protected] | [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]:1.0, [email protected]:1.0Make sure you have empty new lines at the end of your ini files. The transform is also done natively so it's near instant application. Simple, add an Ni String Extra Data named "SDTA" without quotes (Skeleton Data) to your Ni Tri Shape or Ni Tri Strips of the armor you want to apply it to (You may need to apply to both _0 and _1) The "String Data" will be a JSON formatted string, here is a sample: The "name" field is the name of the node you are transforming The "pos" field is a relative translation of the node you are transforming The "rot" field is a rotation in degress in euler angles (heading, attitude, bank) Here is a sample for replacing High Heels You may need to tweak the units as I just eyeballed it for the particular boots I was using.

If you have explicit overrides in other mods they will overwrite by load order, so if you have all in an earlier mod, then have one explicit in a later mod, the Actor Base will use the later setting. They are essentially additional data that can be attached onto Armor that will apply an Ni Transform internally to the skeleton. This runs off the existing Transform framework that Ni Override provides, so any modifications to particular nodes will stack with these, you can only have one internal equipped node transform (i.e.

This is due to the Net Immerse update being missed in SKSE 1.6.8, the current workaround will ensure that when actually playing these scales will maintain themselves, but you may need to set the value again if you enter the Race Menu again.

Version 2.1.0 to 2.1.1 Troubleshooting If you are unable to use glows uninstall ' Loose Main Scripts' completely, check your Data/Scripts folder for any Race Menu*files and delete them.

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