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Flour had long been suspected as an outbreak source, but this investigation showed it conclusively. Efforts that focus on foods responsible for many illnesses are needed to protect people and reduce foodborne illnesses in America.

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Usually rendered by female artists, they were an expedient way to hitch a ride on the coat tails of an existing hit. BEFORE THEY WERE STARS - Volume 1 Features rare and early recordings by your favorite stars! BEFORE THEY WERE STARS - Volume 2 Features rare and early recordings by your favorite stars! Includes tracks by the Shadows, Romeos, Du Droppers, Four Gents, Revlons and many others. BRING BACK YESTERDAY - Volume 4 Yesterday's music is what we grew up with and they should bring it back! Includes tracks by the Marcels, Echoes, Mystics, Jaytones and many others. DON'T HANG UP - The Rock 'n' Roll Answering Machine CD 80 different selections to personalize your answering machine! Sections are 'Oldies But Goodies', 'Pop & Bubblegum', 'Classic Rock'.