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She was brought to the hospital, and was declared dead.

Rana said that he had killed Phoolan Devi to avenge the 1981 Behmai massacre.

Or do you tell the story of Phoolan Devi, the politician?

The politically shrewd two-time MP who, after spending 11 years in a jail, won elections with aplomb?

Until then, she was a part of dacoit gang, but had yet to emerge as a leader herself.

(Photo Courtesy: Twitter/@Evecam37)Behmai is a village in Uttar Pradesh, around 100 km from Kanpur.

A fiery symbol against caste oppression, a criminal in the eyes of the law, a saviour in the eyes of some.

And Phoolan Devi earned the moniker of ‘Bandit Queen’ apart from a price on her head and a dedicated police force on her tail.Which resulted in the bloodiest massacre that India had seen in a while.There are so many women in India who are raped every day of their lives. Puedes consultar la lista de mujeres disponibles en tu zona para buscar a través de sus imágenes.Y, por favor, ¡te recordamos que mantengas su identidad en secreto!

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