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Jacob Schmidt remained with the company until the early 1880s, becoming a close family friend of the Hamms.Schmidt left the company after an argument over Louise Hamm's disciplinary actions regarding Schmidt's daughter, Marie.In 1953, Hamm's purchased its second brewery from the Rainier Brewing Company.

The decision to discontinue the Gunther brand turned much of the Baltimore population against Hamm's.Unable to finance the venture himself, Keller had entered into a partnership with Hamm to secure funding.Upon Keller's death, Hamm inherited the small brewery and flour mill in the east side wilderness of St. Keller had constructed his brewery in 1860 over artesian wells in a section of the Phalen Creek valley in St. Hamm, a butcher by trade and local saloon owner, first hired Jacob Schmidt as a brew master.This venture was more successful, but in 1967 the brewery suffered a fire.Heublein decided not to rebuild and sold off the property.

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